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Paganism and Motherhood

Originally posted on Trellia's Mirror Book:
Isis and the infant Horus. Walters Art Museum [Public domain, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons When you’re a woman of a certain age, you suddenly find all your friends are…

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Think Twice

The Wiccan priesthood isn’t like most priesthoods.  We don’t require a cloistered life.  We don’t require celibacy.  We don’t require degrees of higher learning from an accredited institution (just degrees from your coven).  We don’t require pilgrimages, or poverty.  Heck, … Continue reading

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The Sick Witch

In light of the fact that over the course of the last 24 hours I have fallen quite ill with a cold or virus of some kind that we would discuss the role of Wicca for the sick Witch. Now, … Continue reading

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I thought I would add a post with a little more personal flair to it since I have a few minutes before I have to go take a shower and get ready for work. I am very excited right now. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Down the Forest Path:
Far too often we allow our emotions to control us, dictating how we react and respond to situations and perhaps not in the best way. Some would argue that our emotions are what…

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How to Spot a “Kook”

Per the request of a friend, who is the daughter of my late High Priest, I am going to do a “public service” post about identifying frauds and dangerous people.  I apologize in advance if anyone feels that what I … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about the degrees of Wicca.  Now, if you’re an eclectic, I can all but guarantee you do not concern yourself with a degree system.  If you work in an eclectic circle, you may use a degree system that … Continue reading

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