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An Ye Be a Doormat

I was a Wiccan hermit for a long time. I did this on purpose, primarily because the in-fighting was exhausting and the witchier-than-thou pissing contests were aggravating. Not to mention the level of cray-cray people in my life seemed to … Continue reading

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Lunar Magic

Originally posted on auntietarot:
Moon-Tree of Creation By Madeline Montalban Anyone willing to study the practical side of occultism is soon brought in touch with the mysteries of the Moon, which corresponds to No. 2 in the Tarot: the Priestess,…

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Live and Let Live

One of the things I find beautiful about humanity is the variety.  Tall, short, fat, thin, the rainbow of melanin, brown eyes and blue (and grey and green and all the fun contacts out there)… It’s amazing to me that … Continue reading

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Blessed Spring (Yes I realize it was yesterday)

Free at last, free at last, Goddess almighty we’re free at last!  It’s SPRING!  I can actually see GRASS!  I feel like the color green has been missing for years.  Yeah, yeah, winter has its place, it, too, is sacred–you … Continue reading

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Psychology of Magic

I suspect the title I chose for this entry is a little far reaching for what I’m actually going to say.  To truly treat on the psychology of magic would take a full textbook, cross referencing scientific and historical research, … Continue reading

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Just throwing this out there… The last couple of days I’ve been going to my reader, usually on my iPhone, and I realized that some of my favorite blogs are not showing up.  I’ve had no quarrel with those bloggers, … Continue reading

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Living representation of the Goddess or no, I am fundamentally human.  As such I am fraught with human frailties and limitations.  Sometime in my late teens/early twenties, I developed an anxiety disorder.  I discuss it frankly and openly for two … Continue reading

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