Just throwing this out there…

The last couple of days I’ve been going to my reader, usually on my iPhone, and I realized that some of my favorite blogs are not showing up.  I’ve had no quarrel with those bloggers, and I’ve not consciously unfollowed them, but I’ve had to go find them and click the “follow” button again.  Has anyone run into a similar problem?  Could it possibly be a chubby-fingers-tiny-touch-screen problem (I have a 5c)?  I’m going to alert WordPress of this, too, but wondering if any of my readers are having any problems.



About Ariawn

I am 33 years old and have been studying Wicca for over 15 years. In 2012 I was elevated to the third degree in Traditional English Wicca by Dragoman Sledz. Since his passing in 2014, it has been my goal to develop and document our Wiccan philosophy as fully as it is within my power to do so, and in doing so continue our mission to bring Wicca out of the shadows and make it available to those who seek the path. I currently reside in Ohio with my husband and our three cats, and I work as a registered nurse in Cleveland. I have an additional bachelor's degree in English literature. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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2 Responses to O.o

  1. trellia says:

    Hello again 🙂 ! Hmm, I’ve not had that problem, I still seem to be following you….I’ll keep an eye out though in case the same thing happens, thanks for the warning!


    • Ariawn says:

      Right–all of the people I had been “unfollowed” from were still following me, so I assumed that if they someone tried to block me, they wouldn’t still be subscribed to me! And your blog was one of them, we’ve had nothing but pleasant exchanges so I am sure it couldn’t have been anything like that. I’m going to chalk it up to fat-finger-tiny-screen syndrome, haha.

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