The Ordo Lunae Lux Veritas, or OLLV, is a Traditional English Wiccan coven based in Aurora, Ohio.  It was formally founded Mabon of 2014 after the passing of the tradition’s last High Priest, Dragoman, the winter before.  Currently OLLV is headed by their High Priestess, a Third Degree known in the Craft as Ariawn (uh-RYE-un).

We are a coven comprised of educated professionals.  Our members consist of individuals who have a nursing degree, sports medicine degree, are licensed in massage therapy, have a background as a botanist,  are technologically adept (i.e., whiz with computers), certified crystal healers, a budding anthropologist, and those trained in the martial arts.  We span ages from 20 years old to 50+, some married, some not, some with children, most with pets.

Currently our focus is teaching.  We are coming together and developing as a coven, and each person is encouraged to contribute what knowledge and wisdom they have garnered from their own personal paths.  Our hope is to become a healing coven and contribute positively to our communities.

If you live in Northeast Ohio and are interested in teaching and membership with OLLV, please feel free to contact us through WordPress.  This blog is maintained by Ariawn and checked on a regular basis.

Blessed be.


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